DIY and Pre-Assembled Eurorack Products


Hot Signals?

you will oten hear people say eurorack signals are 'hot'

hotter means that euro audio signals are generally within -5V to +5V (10Vpp) where as consumer audio is around 0.894 Vpp and pro audio 3.472Vpp.

this means any preamp is fie as long as it can boost the level from the consumer or pro level to the modular level - probly best just to get sopmething cheap and designe for such purposes like a doepfer a119 which also has an env foloower with gate out included.

you might find it very wise to have some sort of attenuator inbetween the module out and your headphones if the module doesnt have an attenuator on the output.

output modules are useful rather than essential - i do use a dedicated output module but mostly beaucse it has 1/4" balanced stereo outs which iis good for connecting to my interface.

as far as i'm aware nearly all euro patch cables are mono - modules with stereo out would usually have two mono outs unless they're an output module with a 1/4" strereo jack.

and remember, there are no stupid questions - always ask first if you're unsure, anyone who has a go at you for asking a question is a *%$(#


a quantizer takes an incoming cv and outputs a cv based on the nearest point on a predefined series of steps - generally these output cvs corespond to the cvs necessary to make a 1v/oct system produce musical scales.

in other words, stick in a cv from any source, whether random or not quite perfectly tuned or a mix of multiple cv sources - whatever you can think of and out you'll get musically useful cvs to feed your 1v/oct vcos.

cv source -> quantizer -> vco

use to make random sources more controlled, sequencers tightly in tune, random patterns from lfos or s&h into nice arpeggios etc!


pink, blue, brown/red etc noise types are basically just filtered white noise - do whatever you will with them to get the desired result, whether it be as an audio tool or a random source or whatever you can imagine!

*n.b. these are merely suggestions with explanations why - not rules or even anything you should necessarily bother worrying about if you have your own ideas - you know best what you want to do and how to have fun as long as you observe any relevant manufaturer instructions!