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LjunggrenAudio RYO ​Airtenuator:
a floating passive attenuator .

- Floating passive attenuator.
- Acting as a volume/modulation depth control.
- Held up firmly by the two cables connected to it, the firm fit makes possible precise adjustments one-handed.
- Easily twisted into an angle that works best for specific task / placement in patch.
- All analogue circuitry.
- One handed operation is tested on patch cables from Ad-Infinitum, Erthenvar (standard and IV) and TipTop Stackcables.
- Can handle any signal between -10V and +10V.
- Low power draw: 0.2mA+12V / 0mA -12V /0mA +5V required.
- Works for audio as well as CV.      


Airtentuator User Manual

Airtentuator Quickstart

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Airtentuator assembly guide

Airtentuator Schematic

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Airtentuator Datasheet