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RYO VC Sequencer

LjunggrenAudio RYO VC SEQ:
Compact 8-step Voltage Controlled Sequencer.

- compact 8-step sequential voltage source.
- classic forward/backward clocked operation.
- use control voltage levels scaled to each step of the sequencer to allow the waveform you feed it with to determine the running pattern.
- All analogue circuitry - no software or micro processors! - All low latency CMOS and Opamp circuitry!
- Buffered inputs and outputs.
- slim 10HP footprint.
- compact 42mm Depth (with power cable attached).
- low power draw: 22mA+12V / 11mA -12V /0mA +5V.
- reaches through entire audio range so also being a 3 bit hands on waveshaper!
- Schmitt triggers on all inputs.
- expanders will offer chaining of 2 VC Sequencers for 16 step operation and unlimited extra parallel channels of CV or gate/trig.


VC SEQ User Manual

VC SEQ Quickstart

Look in the User Manual for a selection of inspiring patch ideas and tips!

VC SEQ assembly guide

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VC SEQ Schematic

VC SEQ Datasheet