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LjunggrenAudio RYO NOR/OR:
  Discrete Resistor-Transistor Boolean Logic in 4hp .

- Directly modelled on RTL digital logic gate designs pioneered in the 1950s used in computing equipment throughout the 50s and 60s.
- Can be used as audio waveshaper/distortion.
- The NOR/OR module can be patched as:
*two NOT gates,
*one NOT gate and one 2- or 3-input NOR/OR gate,
*one 2-input NOR/OR gate and one 2- or 3-input NOR/OR gate, or,

*one 4-input NOR/OR gate.
- All analogue circuitry.

- Slim 4HP footprint.
- Compact 45mm Depth (with power cable attached).
- Low power draw: 28mA+12V / 0mA -12V /0mA +5V.
- Works for audio as well as CV.
- Fast responding CV inputs allow up to audio rate operation.
- The OR out from gate one is normalized to input 1 on gate two for convenient patching.
- Signal indicator LEDs on every input and output.
- Can accept input signal to +10V peak.  


(N)OR User Manual

(N)OR Quickstart

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(N)OR assembly guide


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(N)OR Schematic

(N)OR Datasheet