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LjunggrenAudio RYO ‚ÄčAperture:
a Resonant vactrol VCF/LPG/VCA .

- Vactrol LPF / LPG / VCA inspired by the 292 Lowpass Gate of the 1970s Buchla 200 series modular system.
- Newly developed and reworked design for eurorack modular synths, based on optocouplers allowing a plucky dynamic response to CV.
- Aperture can be used as a Non resonant lowpass filter Resonant lowpass filter Non resonant lowpass gate Resonant lowpass gate traditional relatively clean sounding VCA. 6dB variety of resonant lowpass gate basic manual attenuator basic distortion effect with characterful overdriven sound.
- Unique "Klang" input generates a decay slope from a trigger,
- Input is AC coupled with clipping towards the end of the pot range for overdrive the incoming signal.
- All analogue circuitry.
- Buffered inputs and outputs.
- Slim 8HP footprint. 
- Compact 27mm Depth (with power cable attached).
- Low power draw: 50mA+12V / 75mA -12V /0mA +5V.
- Analogue optocouplers used for Non-intrusive voltage control.
- Hi-fidelity signal chain with low noise opamps.   


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