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LjunggrenAudio RYO ​​Paths:
  A Cycling Sequential Switch .

- 4:4 cycling sequential switch.
- Simultaneous forward/reverse stepping, hold, reset. - Voltage controlled mode based on the same design as our VC Sequencer.
- Push buttons for each function.
- All analogue circuitry - no software or micro processors!
- All low latency CMOS and Opamp circuitry!
- Essentially four separate switches that are commonly controlled and shared ins and outs.
- Schmitt trigger inputs.
- Slim 8HP footprint.
- Compact 46mm Depth (with power cable attached).
- Low power draw: 30mA+12V / 8mA -12V /0mA +5V.
- Works for audio as well as CV.
- Fast responding CV inputs allow clocking to reach through entire audio range.       


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