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LjunggrenAudio RYO ‚ÄčAltered States:
Dual State Variable Voltage Controlled Filter .

- Dual analogue state variable filter.
- Based on 2164 Quad VCA chipset 12db/Oct filter cores.
- Full voltage control over cutoff frequency and resonance.
- Individual outputs for each filter response.
- Variable state output with manual and voltage control.
- All analogue circuitry.
- Hi-fidelity signal chain with low noise opamps and VCAs.
- Buffered inputs and outputs.
- Toggle switches for Combine (links the filter B frequency cutoff controls to filter A) and serial or parallel input routing.
- Compact 45mm Depth (with power cable attached).
- Low power draw: 112mA+12V / 106mA -12V /0mA +5V
- Works for audio as well as CV.
- Fast responding CV inputs accept both DC signals and AC signals into the full audio range.
- Cores are very stable and will give you around 5 octaves of 1V/O tracking sine wave self-oscillation.
- LP, BP and HP outputs each have a different phased sine.   


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